Android App Development Process, Decoded!

You have a brilliant concept; you even took basic lessons from online tutorials, and you are ready to fly! Congratulations! But learning just the development skills isn’t enough. Design and development is just one part of the process. The most crucial aspects are defining the goal, usage, features, and inauguration time of the application.

Development of Android application is in huge demand due to the freedom and convenience this platform offers. There are several examples of successful Android application development in the market. But, there are also examples where the development failed due to lack of knowledge about the user’s interest and preference. Defining certain important aspects of development is utmost essential. What are those?

  • The purpose behind app development
  • The audience of your application
  • He inclusions/features of the application
  • The development process
  • The completion/delivery date

Defining these terms means you are done with 50% of the development task. However, many of you might think this a waste of time. But creating an app without understanding these points is like driving blindfolded.

This article explains you how to actually develop ac market a mobile app for Android. Dive into the below sections to know more:

  1. The purpose – What is the purpose of your application, why you are developing this, and what is the usefulness of this application are some of the crucial questions you need to ask yourself to justify your development. If there is no purpose behind your app, the development is of no use.
  2. The Audience – It is really important to define the audience of your application. Any product or service without user or consumer is waste. If you can’t find 10 people talking about your application, it is of no use. Unless it holds some special value, no one will download it and if it as a paid app no one will buy it.
  3. The Features – Once you decide the audience, now it is the time to focus on details and features of the application. Define the features the application will support. You should know which features will be important for which category of users.
  4. The development process – Once the features are decided; now it’s time to create a development plan. A development plan documents tools you will need, type of app you will be building, the development time and other related aspects.
  5. The completion – Now it’s time to decide how much time the Android app development will take. Obviously, you cannot quote a perfect time, so you at least give a rough time estimate by scrutinizing the development plan documents.

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