4 Proven Ways to Make Your Ty Coughlin Reverse Funnel Ads Sell Like Hot Cakes

Whether you’ve partnered with Ty Coughlin and Reverse funnel or just considering it, you’ll have to advertise to drive traffic to your pages. You just don’t want any kind of traffic, though. You want laser targeted high quality traffic so that the high conversion pages will do their jobs well. Before you can do that, you need to know some tricks to make your ads sell.

The prospects you target for your Ty Coughlin reverse funnel business want to what’s in it for them. This is the first thing you have to show in your ad. To do this, you simply focus on the prospect. Ask yourself what the prospect will benefit from this opportunity. When you got started, what were the benefits of the system that attracted you? How has your life style been affected by it?

Once you answer these simple questions, focus them on your prospects. clickfunnels coupon code Most of them want similar things you do. They want financial freedom to pay their bills, time to spend with their family and friend and enjoy vacations around the world. Focus on how the reverse funnel can help them accomplish this.

Most prospects want to work as little as possible, so you should stress the simple system. Let them know that they can do it even if their computers skills suck or they’ve never made a dime online before. And, let them know that the leadership is available to help them achieve the success they desire with the system. In other words, they won’t be alone.

Your headline also need to attention grabbing. Just look at the headlines Ty Coughlin created for the reverse funnel and you’ll see what I mean. Headlines should draw the reader in and make them want to click the ad and find out more. Ones that begin with “how to” or ask open ended questions and quite effective.

Be sure to bold your headline or put asterisks next to them so they stand out. This is very useful if you’re advertising in a crowded space with lots of other ads. You can use words like “discover” or “secrets” to capture the prospects interest.

If your headlines don’t grab the attention of your readers, they’ll simply move on to the next one.

Another great way to make your Ty Coughlin reverse funnel ads sell is to increase the sense of urgency in them. Just make it seem like there’s no time to lose.

One way to do this is to use fear of loss. When something is limited, prospects want to be in on it. You know how people flock to sales? It’s the same thing here.

Offer to give a great book, or work directly with a limited number of people. You can offer to direct your own personal ads to their reverse funnel site, for example. This should really work to get some people off the fence. They know that with your ads pointing to their sites, they’ll make money.

Add testimonials to your reverse funnel ads to make them sell. People get inspires by testimonials and it creates trust. Testimonials can be both personal, from you, and or endorsements, from others. Either way, they’re very effective.

Useful Tips For Creating Professional Brochures

In marketing annals, the first impression is often the last impression. A brochure is often the first exposure of a customer towards a particular product/service or company and goes a long way in creating a positive impression in the customer’s mind.

Keeping in view the importance of a well-designed brochure in creating a lasting impact, it is always advisable to get it designed from a professional graphic design agency which boasts of a team of competent designers well-versed in advertising and branding.

On your part, you need to know what a good brochure must have so as to ensure that you have a winner in your hands. Following is a list of ‘must have’ for promotional brochures:

Be original

Remember that the main motive behind a brochure is to convey some unique and useful information about your business to your targeted audience. website design agency london Hence, it should be designed after proper research and consultation. Make sure that the brochure design is an original one and highlights the positive aspects of your business.

Simplicity sells

Once you are ready with the idea of the brochure, select only the necessary ingredients that might be helpful in communicating your message. There is no need to over decorate the brochure design. When it comes to graphic elements to ornament your brochure, keep it to the minimal.

Basic elements

The important part of the message should be larger, bolder, brighter to make it stand out from the rest of your message. The front page of the brochure must be appealing with all the important things that you might want your audience to know. Also provide necessary contact information at the end.

High resolution images

For a professional looking brochure you can’t compromise on the quality of the images. Use high resolution images for clear and sharp output. If the images for printing are of poor resolution, it will affect the whole set up.

Paper quality

Until and unless the design of a brochure is supported by good quality paper, the brochure will not meet your expectations. Paper comes in all sizes, colors, and textures. You can choose from a wide variety of gloss and matte finish papers. Go for paper that is heavier in weight and to which an appealing gloss can be added.

Color combination

Use of right colors is the success mantra of a good brochure design. Particularly, the colors must synchronize with the colors used in your company’s corporate branding and positioning strategy. Or else, the brochure may not look as part of the company’s promotional kit. You can also go for colored paper if the need demands so but make sure they don’t make the brochure look out of place with the company’s brand colors, its website colors, its product packaging colors and so on. Remember, it is always better to use minimum colors in an effective way instead of creating a color riot.


After the final brochure design is sent for printing, it is not possible to make changes. Hence, it is essential to proofread the final design several times before having it printed. You can even show the design to some other people for their suggestions. It will help you to correct overlooked errors.

Sarang Burung Walet

Just selling bird nests can be rich? Really can. This is not just any bird’s nest, but a swallow’s nest. If sold, the price will reach tens of millions of rupiah per kilogram (kg). Tempting isn’t it?

From the swallow’s saliva, amazing bird nests are formed. Miraculously, the swallow’s nest has extraordinary properties for body health and skin beauty. Swallow saliva is made from protein which contains aspartic acid and proline for ‘medicine’ for youth.

In addition, efficacious for health recovery after surgery, reproductive health, make baby’s skin smooth and smooth, help treat cancer, to reduce the risk of diseases caused by high cholesterol.

With a myriad of benefits, it is appropriate that the selling price of exorbitant swallow nests, both raw and processed. Just so you know, there are 2 kinds of swallow’s nest. First, hunt for swallow nests originally from caves or nature, which have a brownish color. Second, from livestock or cultivation in a special building with white color.

The prices of the two types of swallow’s nests are different. More expensive to obtain from caves or nature, costing IDR 30 million per kilo. For livestock products, the selling price ranges from Rp. 14 million to 16 million per kg. That’s if it’s raw.

If it has been processed into soups or other menus at fancy restaurants, the prices are priced at Rp480 thousand per serving. It’s clear that consumers are only rich people (middle to upper). There is a price, there is a taste. Food made from swallow’s nest has a delicious taste, so worth it with that price and usefulness.
Indonesia is a ‘paradise’ for swallow-dwelling birds. Not surprisingly, many people glance at this promising business opportunity to gain big profits. Even the swallow nest of Indonesia has been exported to various countries, such as China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Canada, to fly to the sarang burung walet United States.

Swallow’s nest can be a ‘field of money.’ Produces hundreds of millions of rupiah to billions of rupiah per month. Once harvest (per month or per 3 months) reap about 10-30 kg. The assumption is that if multiplied for Rp. 14 million, you will get a turnover of around Rp. 140-420 million.

With that much income, the swallow’s nest business is taxed. Entry into the type of Regency / City Tax, based on Law (Law) Number 28 of 2009 concerning Regional Taxes and Regional Retribution. Swiftlet nest tax is a tax on swiftlet nest collection and / or exploitation activities.

The points:

Article 72 Paragraph (1) states that the tax object of swiftlet nests is the taking and / or exploitation of swiftlet nests. While the subject of taxes and taxpayers is an individual or entity that takes and / or undertakes swallow’s nest, read Article 71 Paragraph (1-2).
Then in Article 74 Paragraph (1-2) explains the basis for taxing swiftlet nests is the sale value of swiftlet nests. The sale value is calculated based on the multiplication between the general market price of swiftlet nests in the area concerned and the volume of swiftlet nests.
The tax rate for swiftlet nests in accordance with Article 75 is set at a maximum of 10%. The tax rate is determined by local regulation (perda).
While explained in Article 76, the principal amount of the tax owed for swallows owed is calculated by multiplying the rate on the basis of taxation. The tax on owed bird’s nest is collected in the area where the bird’s nest is collected or exploited.
But in this case the swallow’s nest collectors are also subject to Final Income Tax (PPh) at a rate of 0.5%. The tariff is regulated in Government Regulation (PP) No. 23 of 2018 concerning Income Tax on Income from Businesses Received or Obtained by Taxpayers who have a Specific Gross Distribution.