Strategies for Minimizing Abdominoplasty Scars

For those who have undergone abdominoplasty, which is commonly referred to as a tummy tuck, chances are that physical appearance will be improved dramatically. While the belly may appear more attractive, one prominent side effect of abdominoplasty is the formation of unsightly scars. After a tummy tuck has been completed, many steps should be taken in order to minimize the formation of these scars as much as possible.

The first step that should be taken in order to minimize abdominoplasty scars is to always wear compression garments. Wearing compression garments can significantly decrease the risk of scarring due to their effect on blood flow. Because compression garments are so tight, circulation will be visit- stimulated and more blood will be available to the area, which can drastically help prevent scarring. Additionally, the compression garments may also help prevent swelling and bruising, which can further contribute to their ability to prevent scarring.

Along with wearing compression garments, another essential step that should be taken is to clean the dressings often. If the area that was operated on is not cleaned and is allowed to become infected, the swelling that occurs will be harmful and will put so much strain on the tissues that scarring will be inevitable. Therefore, in order to prevent prominent scarring, infection must be prevented.

Another essential step that should always be taken in order to minimize abdominoplasty scars is to use scar removal creams. Scar removal creams are effective at helping to fade scars and should not be overlooked by those who wish to minimize them. Many of these creams contain powerful compounds such as hydroquinone, which blocks the enzyme necessary for melanin production and can be powerful for removing unwanted skin pigmentations.

One last step that could potentially be considered for those who wish to minimize the risk of abdominoplasty scars as much as possible is to receive a massage in the area that the surgery was performed. Massages are extremely effective at increasing circulation and can be even more effective than wearing compression garments. Because massages are expensive and not always financially realistic, however, wearing compression garments is the most favorable strategy for the majority of people.

While some people may neglect to take the necessary steps to prevent scarring and suffer from unsightly scars, those who take the time to wear compression garments, clean the dressings, apply scar removal cream and receive massages will find that scarring is not a significant issue and the results of the abdominoplasty will be nothing but positive.

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