Understanding Hyper Masculinity

As men we will always need help in coming to terms with our hyper masculinity. It may forever stand as a chasm between us, life and our women partners and male colleagues – something to be aware of and manage accordingly.

Of this we’re certain: a baby is born to young parents and no sooner is it out of the birth canal the delivery team notes it has a penis – it is therefore visit:- https://knnit.com/hyper-male-force-review-is-this-worth-buying/ labelled ‘boy’. From that moment onwards, and right through the lifespan, this ‘male’ of the human species is going to be bombarded with all manner of stimuli to conform to hegemonic masculinity, or in other words, to act manly.

Why is it men are three times more likely to be involved in a fatal car accident than women are?

Why is it also that men are more likely than women to underestimate the risks they take?

These are good questions in pondering the issues of hyper masculinity – the bane of many human relational outcomes. And this is what I want to focus on.

What Women Want (and Men Too)

Relating with people in an effective way means the acknowledgment – for men themselves – of the existence of tendencies to become overly male, a.k.a. being hyper masculine.

There indeed is an opposite problem for women i.e. hyper femininity, and also, surprisingly, women too can be caught up in the trap of being hyper masculine – mainly as a function of competing with a greater number of hyper masculine males in their midst, particularly when they’re in a male dominated workplace or family.

The biggest issue with this form of over-weightiness of male behaviour is it’s rooted and established in a competitive spirit via peer pressure and many inexplicable norms, and this produces much defensiveness in the male(s) affected.

This is not surprisingly estranging to women who prefer a softer, more ‘in touch’ male. It is also estranging for males too because there is an inbuilt fight to either conform or confront – intuiting at a deeper level the flight or fight response.

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